How to get from Berlin airport to downtown


This guide on how to get from Berlin Airport to downtown, will help you to make the transfer to the hotel showing you all the options available for you to choose your favorite and the one that best suits your needs.

Berlin has two functional airports, the Berlin-Schönefeld Airport located 20 kilometers away and the Berlin-Tegel Airport located 10 kilometers away from the city, the latter being the airport that receives the most traffic from the city, although due to pollution problems Acoustics, due to its proximity to Berlin, is expected to close in the coming years and that of Schönefeld is expanded.

In addition, both airports have rapid communication with the city center by public (bus and train) and private transport. So you know exactly all the steps to follow to perform the transfer from each airport to BerlinWe explain the different means of transport, with their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can choose the one that suits you best, using our last trip to Berlin in 3 days as a reference.


The two airports have several bus companies to transfer from the Berlin airport to the center:

  • Berlin-Schönefeld airport: It has line 163 (stop at S Grünau, S Adlershof and S Schöneweide), 164 (S Köpenick, S Adlershof and S Kaulsdorf) and 171 (U Rudow and U Hermannplatz). It also has the night lines N7 and N60, and the express line X7 that leaves you at the U Rudow station without intermediate stops, from where you can take the U7 subway line.
    All these buses leave from Terminal A and the airport train station, with a frequency of 10 to 20 minutes and take you to the center in one hour for 3.40 euros per person.
  • Berlin Tegel Airport: It has the TXL JetExpressBus line that will leave you at Alexanderplatz in 40 minutes for less than 3 euros. This bus that operates between 04:30 and 00:30 and has a frequency of 10 to 20 minutes in addition to stopping at the Hauptbahnhof Central Station.
    The other direct line is the X9 JetExpressBus, which will take you from the airport to Zoologischer Garten, in 20 minutes for less than 3 euros. From this station you can arrive with the S-Bahn train to Hauptbahnhof station.

Do not forget that a good option to save money on these transfers is to buy the Berlin WelcomeCard with which in addition to discounts of up to 50% in the most important attractions of the city, you will have unlimited trips in all the meters (U-Bahn) , trains (S-Bahn) and city buses. In this case, if you take it for the AB zone, you will have included the transfer of the Tegel airport and if you buy the one from the ABC area, you will have included the one of the Berlin Schönefeld airport.
If this card is not profitable, you can buy the one-day pass for the AB zone for 7 euros or for the ABC zone for 7.70 euros.

In our experience, use the bus to go from Berlin Airport to downtown We believe it is only recommended if you land in Tegel or arrive between 00: 30h and 04: 30h at Schönefeld, when the train is closed and only the night bus service is available.

Transportation in Berlin

Private transfer

The most comfortable option for get to the hotel from any airport in Berlin It is to book this private transfer with which you will have a driver waiting at the exit of the arrivals terminal, with a sign with your name that will take you directly to the door of your hotel.
The price of this service from the Berlin Schönefeld airport is 75 euros if you hire a 3-seater and 85 euros for an 8-seater. In case of landing in Tegel, the price is 60 euros for a 3-seater tourism and 70 euros for an 8-seater.

This type of transfer from Berlin airport to the center or to your hotel, it can be profitable especially if you are a large group.


The price of a taxi from Tegel airport to the center is about 30 euros and it will take about 20 minutes, depending on traffic while from Schönefeld airport to the center it costs about 50 euros for about 40 minutes.

Once you know how to do the transfer from Berlin airport to downtown, you can prepare your routes around the city with these optimized guides: