10 essential places to see in Bern


This guide of places to see in Bern, will help you prepare a walking route through the most charming city of Switzerland, making the most of the time.
With a medieval old town declared a World Heritage Site and surrounded by the meander that forms the Aar River, Bern is one of those cities that falls in love at first sight in which to stroll through its streets and squares enjoying its medieval buildings of reddish roofs and arcades that have survived almost intact the passage of time, is a real pleasure for the senses.
The most common way to get to Bern, if you don't have a car, is by train from Basel or Zurich, located less than an hour away.

Based on the experience of the two times we have visited this beautiful city, the first on a trip to Switzerland in 5 days and the last on a route through Switzerland by train, we have made this list of the ones we believe are 10 places to visit in Bern essential. We start!

1. Garden of the Roses

The Rose Garden or Rosengarten, is the best viewpoint and one of the essential places to see in Bern.
This park with a magnificent garden where more than 200 varieties of roses and other flowers are found, is perfect to relax and enjoy a magnificent sunset overlooking the red roofs of the medieval old town.
The garden is in an elevated position on a hill, which allows you to see a part of the meander that forms the Aare River as it passes through the city and the entire natural environment.
In addition to a pavilion and a pond, in the park you will find the Rosengarten restaurant, one of the most recommended in the city with views of the city.

To get to the garden you can take the number 10 bus that leaves from the train station or walk, being near the historic center.

2. Kramgasse Street

Walking along Kramgasse Street, the heart of the old town, is one of the Top things to do in Bern.
This street that forms one of the longest sections of the 6 kilometers of arcades that Bern has, has in its beautiful medieval buildings of reddish roofs its great tourist attraction in addition to several colorful fountains with Renaissance figures in the middle of the street and shops of Crafts under the arcades.
One of the curiosities is the wooden doors that you will see in most places, through which you access stores located in the basements and that were formerly stores and that today are bars or shops with a special charm.
An interesting way to explore the city knowing the history of each place and at your own pace is to book this tour with audioguide in Spanish.

Marzili, one of the neighborhoods to see in Bern

10. Einstein House Museum

In the Einstein or Einsteinhausl House Museum, located at 49 Kramgasse Street, the most famous scientist in history, Albert Einstein, lived for more than seven years.
During the Einstein stage in Bern, from 1902 to 1909, he developed some of his most important theories and that would revolutionize physics as the theory of relativity and its famous formula E = mc².
On the second floor you can see how Einstein lived with his wife and son, while preserving the furniture of the time, while on the third floor is his biography and several original documents.
Visiting hours: every day from 10am to 5pm.

Map of the places to visit in Bern

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to see in Bern essential, add yours in the comments.