10 essential places to see in Dubai


This list of the best places to see in Dubai It will help you not to miss anything from one of the most impressive cities in the world, which we are sure, will not leave you indifferent.
Built in the middle of one of the most arid deserts on the planet thanks to the wealth of oil, Dubai has become one of the most requested tourist destinations in recent years.
Luxury and ostentation, one of the hallmarks of Dubai, you can see in many aspects of the city, including the city's luxury shopping centers, where locals have a favorite pastime to walk and shop. In addition to this luxury, everything is big in Dubai, so you will find the tallest building, the most luxurious hotel and even the largest shopping center in the world, all in the same city.

In addition to knowing this part of the most modern city that has developed in the last 30 years and that is permanently under construction, another of the best things to do in Dubai It is to visit the old part where there are souks, mosques and the most local shops.
The best time to travel to Dubai, if you do not want to spend all the time under cover, it is from November to April when temperatures are below 30 degrees and the worst time is the summer months when thermometers easily exceed 45 degrees.

Once you have decided to make this trip, we recommend investing about 4 days in Dubai and leaving two more days to make an excursion to the desert and of course to nearby Abu Dhabi.

Based on the experience of our trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Rub 'al Khali in 9 days, we have made this list of what we think are the 10 essential places to visit in Dubai. We start!

1. Burj Khalifa

The 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa, double that of the Empire State Building in New York, is the tallest building in the world and one of the most essential places to see in Dubai. Built between 2004 and 2010, this colossal building can be seen from more than 90 kilometers away and owes its name to the president of the United Arab Emirates and in addition to the height record of the building, it also has the viewpoint, the restaurant and the disco located at the highest height in the world.
To go up to the viewpoint, which is located on the 124th and 125th floors, we recommend you book your ticket here in advance to avoid queues and run out of places, especially during holidays and weekends, as well as being the cheapest option since Buying them directly at the ticket office is much more expensive.
Regarding the time of climbing, we recommend you do it one hour before sunset, since you can enjoy the city by day, a spectacular sunset and see how it ends up lighting after the sun goes down.

Recently opened another viewpoint located on the 148th floor at 555 meters high, to beat the highest viewpoint record. In case you are interested in knowing this other viewpoint, you can book the entrance to this viewpoint here.

In addition to the viewpoint, when you go down at night from Burj Khalifa, we recommend you not to miss the spectacle of water, light and music from the fountains located on the lake in front of the building, which has become a the best things to do in Dubai For all tourists. This show, which exceeds that of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, takes place every half hour from 6 in the afternoon to 10 at night and each show is different.
In addition to the entire area surrounding the lake, to have the best views of the fountains you can climb to the terrace of the Apple store or dine on the terrace of the Tribu restaurant, both located in the Dubai Mall. We advise you to see at least two shows in a row since they vary greatly in terms of spectacularity and usually in one of the two the most powerful water jets are used, which reach 150 meters high.

2. Old city

Before oil was discovered, Dubai stretched on both sides of the creek, a natural estuary that enters the city about 10 kilometers and separates the neighborhoods of Bur Dubai and Deira, two of its old neighborhoods, which will remind you of the origins of This city and its mercantile past.
Between the highlights to visit in Dubai and that are in the area of ​​Deira, there are the souks of gold and species. In addition to seeing the windows full of gold items, including the largest gold ring in the world, you can approach the harbor area and take a boat ride on the creek.
A good experience if you are in this neighborhood at night is to book this dinner cruise.
Other points of interest in this neighborhood are the Municipal Museum building, the Al Ahmadiya school and the Heritage House, a historic and traditional city house.

Across the river, in the Bur Dubai area, don't miss the beautiful Al Bastakiya mosque, the Heritage and Diving Village, which has several exhibits about the city's past and the Sheikh Saeed Arabic architecture house.

For lunch we recommend you try the delicious Arab food on the interior terrace of the beautiful Arabian Tea House, another of the places to see in Dubai, which we also assure you, will not disappoint you at the gastronomic level.

A good way to know the history of the city and not miss anything important is to book this complete tour with a guide in Spanish or this private tour, ideal for groups.

Abu Dhabi

Map of the best places to visit in Dubai

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 places to see in Dubai essential, add yours in the comments.