50 things you can't miss in your luggage


You probably think that luggage is easy, especially if you are one of those who travel regularly, although we also know that sometimes, with this idea, we end up leaving things, often important and necessary. That's why we want to leave you a list of things that cannot be missing in your luggage, which you can use as a check list, so that this process of packing is much easier and faster.


It is obvious that clothes and shoes can not be missing in your luggage, but it should be borne in mind that not any type of clothing is the best for travel, especially according to which destinations. Given this, there are certain things that cannot be missing in your luggage, that if you take them, they will allow you to travel much more comfortable and also, light.
1- Light clothes that do not take up much space. It is the best option for comfortable travel.
2- A jacket “multipurpose" You never know when it can be cold or rainy, even when the forecasts are good.
3- For women, a foulard. This is the most versatile garment we know. It serves as a scarf, as a pareo, to sit on the floor, as a beach towel ...
4- A neutral colored bag. If you are one of those who like to go together, nothing better than carrying a bag of a basic color like black, with which you will always go in tune.
5- The same as we said about the bag, is for footwear. Black, white or gray are the most adaptable.
6- Comfortable footwear. There are no excuses here. There is nothing worse on a trip that hurts your feet.
7- Underwear. It is not necessary to take a change for each day, so you will save space and weight. You can wash every day after showering.
8- If you like hats and travel to a hot destination, taking one never hurts.
9- Garments of fabrics that are easy to wash and dry quickly. This will allow you to wear less clothes and be able to wash while traveling.
10- Check your minimum luggage once. We know that this is not exactly a thing as such, but we also know how important it is to travel light and we assure you that doing this review will give you a minimum, 20% extra space when you remove things that after analyzing it, you will see that they are not necessary .

12- Toothbrush and toothpaste.
13- Feminine hygiene products. As we said before in general, this type of thing can be found anywhere in the world, although in some places it may be more difficult or much more expensive. I still remember paying 15 euros for a package of 10 tampax in Gili, on the trip to Bali for free. That is why in this case, better to take them and save you the search and the over price that you will have to pay.
14- Safe Sea, a vegan sun cream, perfect to protect you from the sun, is considered as the cream that most protects the market, during any of your trips.
In addition, it is not tested on animals, has a high resistance to water, provides vitamins B and E, with antioxidant benefits and has a unique feature: it inhibits jellyfish stings!
Without a doubt, Safe Sea is one of the things that cannot be missing in your luggage, either billed or hand-held, since they have a special container for traveling by plane of 100 ml.

Things that cannot be missing in your luggage

** This article is written as part of a collaboration with Safe Sea, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.