45 things to keep in mind when organizing a trip


Although at a glance organise a travel It may seem very complicated, we assure you that it is a much easier process than you imagine, in addition to being one of the most important parts, because it should be understood even as a part of it and therefore, synonymous with enjoying it maximum.
And as we know that sometimes a push is needed we leave you some of the things we believe, you should keep in mind to organise a travel And also, enjoy it.

Flights and transportation

1- If you want to find the best prices, when organizing a trip, it is best to travel outside the high season. Prices are usually much tighter and you will have many more options to choose from.
2- In addition to traveling outside the high season, there is nothing more advisable than having the websites of different airlines signed up and subscribed to them, as well as some flight search engines.
In this way you will receive all the offers that are published. You never know when the bargain will arrive and it should be prepared.
3- Plan the itinerary you will do in time. So you will have many advantages since you will have a wider margin to decide which transport is the best to move and also, book it at cheaper prices.
4- If you are going to rent a car, check the fine print well. There is nothing better than being clear that you are hiring to avoid future surprises.
5- In case your stay is several days in a city, it may be highly recommended to purchase a public transport voucher. To know the best options nothing better than to go through the website of the Tourist Office or do it once you arrive at the destination.
Surely they will be happy to provide you with the best options according to your needs.

8- You see that the price of hotels is very expensive, or you will travel for a long period of time, the AirBnb platform can be a good option. Keep it in mind. Also from this link you will have 35 euros discount.
9- Whenever possible, opt for accommodation with free cancellation. This will allow you to make last minute changes to the route, even if you do it responsibly and don't book many hotels and then cancel them if you don't find anything better These types of practices do a lot of damage to travelers, it is convenient to take it into account.
10- Always look at several opinions of the establishment, either on Booking or on any of the platforms you make the reservation or on TripAdvisor. This is usually the best way to know if the accommodation fits or not with what you are looking for.

Things to keep in mind when organizing a trip


And as an extra, do not forget to ENJOY. That is the most important thing you should keep in mind to organize a trip.

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