10 essential places to visit in Madrid


This list of places to visit in Madrid It will help you prepare a getaway to one of those cities that must be enjoyed day and night.
During the day you can get lost in the squares and streets of the most charming neighborhoods, visit its famous museums and palaces, see its historical monuments, climb to its fantastic viewpoints, go shopping or relax walking through the green spaces and when night comes , you can not stop making a tapas and cane route through the neighborhood of La Latina, Chueca, Malasaña or the covered markets of San Miguel and San Antón, to finish in a trendy place until dawn and have a good hot chocolate breakfast with batons

Based on the many times we have traveled to Madrid, for leisure and work, in the last one we wrote this guide of what to do Madrid in 4 days, we have made a list of what we think, are the 10 essential places to see in Madrid. We start!

1. The Gran Vía

The Gran Vía is the most famous street to visit in Madrid and an essential walk for all who visit the city. Its construction dates back to the early twentieth century, in which large buildings such as Grassy, ​​Telefónica or the Metropolis Building were built, one of our favorites to see in Madrid.
This street where you can not stop looking everywhere while you walk, is also famous for its great theaters, which represent some of the best works and musicals of the moment such as the Lion King, Billy Elliot or Anastasia.
In addition, the Gran Vía is one of the main commercial hubs of the city, in which clothing and footwear stores of large national and international brands are located.
In case you like shopping, if you don't have enough stores on Gran Vía, you can turn off Fuencarral Street, another of the most commercial in Madrid.

A good option to see the Gran Vía and the whole center with the best illuminated buildings is to book this night tour of Madrid by night with a guide, located among the best excursions in Madrid.

2. Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor, located in the heart of the city a few minutes walk from the Puerta del Sol, is another place what to visit in Madrid essential.
This rectangular square of 129 meters long and 94 wide, is surrounded by buildings and prominent places such as the Cuchilleros Arch, the Bakery House, the most important building in the Plaza Mayor and the Statue of Philip III, a gift from the Duke of Florence
One of the best things to see and do in Madrid is to sit on one of its terraces to have a good cold beer or eat the traditional squid sandwich in the popular Bar La Campana.
If your visit to Madrid is at Christmas time, you can not miss the Christmas market, which is mounted in this point of the city, where in addition to the typical Christmas stalls you can find the joke articles so characteristic in these dates, in the Spanish capital .
Another recommendation and participate in this tour that begins in this square at dusk, the ghost tour, where you will discover corners with secrets and the dark side of the city, in addition to many of the places to visit in Madrid.

Squid sandwich

Map of the best places to see in Madrid

If you feel like helping us complete the list of 10 places to visit in Madrid, add yours in the comments.