What to do in Salamanca in one day


This guide on what to do in Salamanca in one day It will help you to know all the most interesting points of one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.
Although we understand that having only 24 hours to get to know a city like Salamanca is never enough, we believe that if you optimize the itineraries on foot, you can visit most of its architectural wonders such as the Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor or the University.
If you have more time we recommend you to spend the night in the city to walk at dusk without the large number of tourists and organized groups that pass through Salamanca every day.

Based on the experience of the time we spent in the city, where we made this list of places to visit in Salamanca, we have planned a route so you don't miss anything Salamanca in one day. We start!

How to get to Salamanca

The most common way to get to Salamanca is by public transport or by car from Madrid.
The fastest option is to take an ALVIA train at Madrid's Chamartín Station that will take you to Salamanca in an hour and a half for 25 euros. Although there are usually places, on holidays and on weekends, you can find that there are no places, so it is highly recommended to check the places and book tickets on this page.
For a slightly cheaper price you have the option of catching a bus at the Madrid South Station that will leave you in Salamanca in about two and a half hours for 22 euros.
Once in Salamanca you can reach the center on foot in less than 15 minutes or take the city bus that takes 5 minutes.

Another more comfortable and interesting way to get to Salamanca from Madrid, which will allow you to learn more about its history, is to book this excursion to Salamanca with a guide in Spanish that includes a visit to Ávila.

For more information on the transfer you can consult this post on how to get to Salamanca from Madrid.

Where to stay in Salamanca

The best area to stay and tour Salamanca in one day It is the historic center, between the Plaza Mayor and the University.
One of the hotels with the best quality / price ratio in the old town is the Hotel Melibea, located 600 meters from the Plaza Mayor and 200 meters from the University. In addition to its magnificent location, the hotel has modern facilities, comfortable rooms, a full breakfast, parking and a beautiful terrace and garden area.

Salamanca in one day

The itinerary of what to do in Salamanca in one day It starts early in the morning arriving at the bus or train station.
After about 15 minutes you will arrive at the San Boal Palace, which stands out for its sculpted façade and its interior courtyard in the Renaissance style.
This palace is located a few meters from the Plaza Mayor, the great jewel of Salamanca and one of the most beautiful places to see in Spain.
To get to this square you can go down two of the most famous streets in the city: Zamora Street and Toro Street, where in the latter there is a Zara located inside a church, which we also recommend you visit, even if only out of curiosity

Once in the Plaza Mayor, which is shaped like an irregular square and after running out of words for its beauty, we recommend you to surround it without losing detail of the semicircular arches that surround it, with medallions of illustrious characters and several historical buildings such as the Town Hall or the Royal Pavilion.

Salamanca map in one day