Santiago de Chile in 1 day


Day 2: Rome Fiumicino Airport - Santiago de Chile in 1 day: London-Paris neighborhood, San Francisco church, Plaza de Armas, Lastarría neighborhood, Bellavista neighborhood: La Chascona, Bellavista courtyard, San Cristóbal hill

With the suitcases already in hand, the first thing we do is stop at an ATM to get the money we need these days since today we have no open bank and we prefer to go safely, at least with some money in your pocket .

I exchange money in Chile

We have several options to change money in Chile
- Exchange Houses or Banks: we must carry cash and make the change in a bank or exchange house. You have to take into account the schedules and location, especially if you arrive on the weekend.
- Change in country of origin: for us the least recommended option, since we will have to pay commissions and the change of currency in general is much worse, in addition to having to take all the money with us during the trip.
- ATM: for us the best option after doing so in several countries. The commission of your bank, in addition to being able to negotiate it, is usually much better than the commissions or the exchange of currency in the exchange houses. The problem in Chile is that the cashiers only let out 150000CLP and a commission of 5000CLP at the airport in Santiago de Chile and in most banks in the rest of the city and cities of Chile.
In the Plaza de la Moneda we see that there is the State Bank and we try to prove, finding that in this ATM we can take the limit that we want without any restriction being a foreigner and we also have a commission of only 4000CLP so we have seen what we have seen and after our experience we advise you not to take out directly at the airport unless you have to pay something at that time and directly do it at Banco Estado in the center or at any of the branches that are scattered throughout the city.
Keep in mind that when you enter your card and your pin number at the cashier, then you have to select the option «Foreign»If it is not impossible to get money.
In this case, if you do not want to pay commissions when taking money from ATMs abroad and always have the current exchange, we recommend using the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to take money, our two favorite cards for travel.
You can find much more information in the post of the best cards to travel without commissions.

With the money already with us we have to buy a free sim card for Chile, to be able to be connected and continue working, at least maintaining RRSS, but after several laps around the airport and asking in several shops, they tell us that they only sell cards 100MB, so we have to look for them in the center. (Update: the day of our return to Spain we saw that in the departures terminal there are two stores, one of Claro and another Movistar, much larger and where they have announced that they sell the cards that we later bought in the center of Santiago de Chile ).

With everything already in our possession, it is time to go to the TransVip counters, the company with which we have hired the route from the airport to Santiago de Chile round trip, for when within 3 days we have to return to the airport to catch the flight to Calama, for 19500CLP both journeys by private taxi, for two people. As soon as you leave you will see that there are several transfer counters, including two from TransVip, if you already have the reservation made online, you have to go to Gate 3, a few meters away, and there only provide your reservation code and leave directly by the next door, where you will see all the cars and where you will be assigned one according to the type of transfer you have chosen.

How to get from the airport to Santiago de Chile

There are several ways to go from the airport to Santiago de Chile:
- Bus: There are several companies that perform this service, among which Turbus and Buses Centropuerto stand out, leaving from the door of the airport lobby and having several stops in the city, which can be seen on their respective websites. The price of the ticket is 1700CLP per person and route.
Once you arrive at a stop that best suits the location of your accommodation, there you can take another public bus or the subway, in case you have a line nearby, until you reach the accommodation.
In our case, the best option staying at the Sommelier Express Hotel would have been to stop at the Alameda Terminal and from there take Metro line 1 from «Universidad de Santiago» to the «Santa Lucia» stop, about 200 meters from our hotel.
- Taxi: The price is approximately 16000CLP per way
- Transfer: This is the most comfortable option since you only have to book online.
TransVip: We have done it through TransVip for 19500CLP round trip for two people. Once you leave the baggage reclaim hall, you just have to go to the ticket office of Door 3, provide your reservation number and exit through the door on the left to have your car assigned.
With TransVip there are 3 options with different fares on all routes. In the case of the transfer from the airport to the center of Santiago de Chile the prices are as follows: Executive Taxi (19500CLP), Exclusive Transfer (26400CLP), both have an approximate duration of 50 minutes and Shared Transfer for 14000CLP with an approximate duration of 1h40 .
It has not been more than 30 minutes when we are already in the taxi that will take us to the Sommelier Express Hotel, where we will stay the next three nights, starting our route in Santiago de Chile in 1 day, city that will be our gateway to this trip to Chile in 31 days.
With a temperature more than pleasant at this time of the morning, we arrive at the hotel when it is 11 and a little in the morning, with the luck that we already have our room available to be able to take a shower, change our clothes for something more summery, we are at almost 30 degrees, and start our Santiago de Chile in 1 day.