10 things to book in New York


Prepare a trip to New York It is not an easy task. There is a lot of information and we must adapt it to our tastes so as not to have a supersaturation of data. After going through this, the first step we recommend you do when you start preparing it is to start doing an analysis of the visits or things to book in New York, especially if you travel in high season or on special dates such as Christmas or Easter, times when you do not book on time you can run out of seats or pay an extra cost, which in the case of this city can mean a good pinch .

1. Flights

The first step in planning should be to book flights to New York. Doing it with time or taking advantage of an offer can make you find a direct flight during Holy Week for 400 euros.

2. Hotel

One of the main things to book in New York and one of the best tips for traveling to New York is to take the hotel as many months in advance. After many laps, we believe that the best area to stay in New York It's Midtown, especially if it's the first time you're in town, it's near Times Square, on the island of Manhattan. If you do not want to waste much time traveling to this area where there are almost all tourist attractions and be in the crux, the best option passes through this area. We have booked the Holiday Inn New York City - Times Square, 3 minutes walk from the most central area of ​​the city.
Of course, we warn you that finding a good, beautiful and cheap accommodation in New York on dates like Easter or Christmas is almost impossible if you do not book well enough months in advance. In our case we started looking at 4 months and we have to recognize that already we were late, finding an increase of 30% practically at the usual prices.
For more information you can consult this post about the best neighborhoods and hotels to stay in New York.

3. New York Contrast Tour

He New York Contrast Tour It has become the most famous and recommended excursion in the city, even probably not missing in the preparations for the trip to New York. It is a quick way to see the most important places in the neighborhoods of Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn, located beyond Manhattan and that many times remain a little «outside»Of the most conventional itineraries, especially when it is the first time you travel to New York. Once hired, they pick you up at the hotel or stay at a meeting point, and during the approximate 5 hours that the tour lasts, you go through and they explain the different important points of each neighborhood. After assessing the different options, we recommend doing it on Saturday, as it is the sacred day (Shabbat) for Orthodox Jews from Williamsburg, in Brooklyn and thus be able to see the atmosphere that day in the area.
If you want to do it in Spanish, you can book this New York Contrast Tour or the Contrast + Misa Góspel Tour Offer, two of New York's most recommended tours.

Something to keep in mind is that the NBA season It is from the end of October to the end of June.

- NFL (American Football) Tickets

Another thing we wanted to do in New York was to see a New York Giants football game, but the NFL season is quite short, from the beginning of September until the beginning of February, when the Super Bowl is held, so it did not match our dates and we had to leave it for the next occasion.

Keep in mind that the MetLife Stadium is in the New York metropolitan area and it is necessary to use public transportation to get there.

- MLB (Baseball) Tickets

One of the most popular sports in the United States It is baseball. In New York you can see a New York Yankees game, the most famous team in the city, especially if you have enough time, since the matches can last for many hours. Of course, despite that, we believe that just to see that purely American show, it is worth it. They play in the spectacular Yankee Stadium, which is located in the Bronx, where it is very easy to reach by subway. The season runs from the beginning of April to the beginning of November and it is convenient to book in advance.

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