Holafly, the best prepaid SIM card for travel


One of the questions you ask us most is about how to have internet on trips. That's why and although there are more options, in this case we want to talk about Holafly, a prepaid SIM card, with which in addition to having internet on your trips, you can do it in an economical, fast and above all easy way.

Although we can always use the wifi of hotels and restaurants or the very expensive roaming, we know that today it is very important to have internet in our day to day and that also includes travel, and more in these moments in which we need to be connected with family and friends, in addition to being practically essential to use applications that help us in our trips such as GPS, restaurant search engines, accommodation, flights ... and countless more times when the internet becomes our best ally.

That is why currently most of the travelers, among which we include ourselves, are looking for the best options to have internet on our trips. And although it is very common to choose to buy the SIM card at the airport or at the destination, if you want to have internet from the first moment you get off the plane, forgetting about the purchase process on the trip to save time, the best option is Holafly, the best prepaid SIM card for travel, which is what we'll talk about next.

Holafly is a prepaid SIM card with which you can have internet in your travels, as soon as you arrive at the destination, since they are cards that are sent home and you can activate as soon as you arrive or even before you travel (depending on the destination).
Among its most outstanding features are:

  • They have the best coverage in each country as they work with the best telephone operators.
  • You keep your WhattsApp number without configuring anything.
  • Support 24 hours by WhatsApp, online chat and email. If you have any questions, they will solve it immediately.
  • Free shipping.
  • You only pay for the SIM card. In no case will you receive additional bills or additional charges for using it.

As we said at the beginning of the post, one of the Holafly features is that the operation is very simple, something that is greatly appreciated in a card to have internet when traveling, thus forgetting the sometimes cumbersome process of having to buy it at the airport, with the consequent loss of time and also the cost overruns in some countries generated by doing so at the airport itself.

With this SIM card everything is much simpler:

  1. Request your Holafly card here. Also just for being Street Travelers reader, you will have a 5% discount.
  2. You will receive it in 48 hours (working days) in mainland Spain with free shipping. If you want to receive it faster, you can opt for faster shipping, paying the costs.
  3. When you arrive at the destination, change your SIM card to the Holafly card. Do not worry, it is very easy and also with the card you will receive all the instructions.
  4. Enjoy your trip with internet!

Japan card

Another of the most demanded cards is the Holafly for Japan.
In this case the SIM card is only data, which you can share with other devices, but it does not have a phone number, since Japanese legislation does not allow any person who does not reside in the country to have a Japanese phone number.

You can buy it here.

Card for Thailand

Thailand is another destination for which you ask the most when you want to buy the Holafly card, the best prepaid SIM to travel.
The 8-day option has a local telephone number where you can receive free calls and the 12-day card is for data only and does not include a telephone number or traditional calls. In all cases, data sharing is allowed.

You can buy it here.

Mexico Card

This Holafly card includes unlimited data, local number and local calls, although it does not allow you to share the data between several devices. Once you have made the purchase, you will receive an email in which you must indicate the activation date for it to be made between 00:00 and 9:00 (local time in Los Angeles) of the requested day.
If you have bought a card with more days of the duration of your trip, we recommend that you activate it one day before.

You can buy it here.

Card for China

This is one of the most popular destinations. «Conflicting» at the time of planning to buy a SIM card. With Holafly it is incredibly simple since it includes a built-in VPN, something essential to connect to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ... etc. in addition to most of the usual search engines and websites, which are blocked in China.
In addition to this, data can be shared between several devices.
You can find more information in post 10 tips for traveling to China.

You can buy it here.